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You Have Great Real Estate Deals, We Have Great Private Funding You Need to Make More Money

We help you get where you want to be. Create a lifestyle on your own terms, bring in additional funds for your family, generate supplemental income for retirement, or simply build your real estate empire. 

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Non-owner occupied single and multi-family


Commercial buildings with more general use capacity like retail, warehouse or office space

Mixed Use

At least two units of different usage qualifies for mixed-use financing

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Don't Lose Time or Deals

Investor deals come and go pretty quick, especially in a tight market like the one we are in now. If you're new to real estate investing, you may not have the confidence to jump right in because you' re unsure of how to get funding. Your probable first thought is to go to your local bank that you already do business with. That makes sense for some transactions, like an owner occupied property for a primary residence, or maybe even a fix and hold (rental) property. However, it's not going work for fix and flip properties. Properties need to be closed on, fixed, and returned to the market ASAP. Conventional bank loans will take 30 days or more to close and you must meet credit score criteria as well as have seasoned funds for your down payment. None of that helps you when you need to get in and out of your investment as quickly as possible. You need to make money and reach your financial goals. This is where Regent Capital Group comes in. Private and hard money loans are made on non-owner occupied properties that can close in much shorter time frames compared to conventional bank loans. The criteria for obtaining these loans are a lot more flexible, too. Because funding is determined by the strength of the real estate deal, credit scores can be a lot lower and deposits and closing funds don't need to be seasoned. We also won't let you miscalculate your deal. Newer investors often do this. We analyze your deals to make sure you know exactly how your deal is put together, so you don't get yourself in trouble. We don't want you to lose money. We want you to succeed and reach your investment goals.

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Submit all the requested documents and inspection fees for underwriting.


Pick your date, show up to closing and collect your money.

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Our lending partners have over 75 years experience lending to real estate investors just like you, and have facilitated over one billion dollars in real estate transactions! We offer 24 months to 30 year terms, depending on the type of loan needed for your project. Regent Capital Group is committed to doing business ethically with integrity and transparency.

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